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I am sending mail after a user enter his/her email. In email message there is link which will be opened by user. The anchor tag is working fine in Gmail but not in Yahoo Mail/Indiatimes Mail.

Here is the code block:

 $headers = "From: Donotreply@domain.co.in\r\n";
 $headers .= "MIME-Version: 1.0\r\n";
 $headers .= "Content-Type: text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1\r\n";
 $subject="Coupon Code";
 $body="Dear ".$_POST['name'].", <br>Thanks for visting our site. <br>The Coupon Code is :  <strong>$rowcode[couponcode]</strong> of the Mobile <strong>$rowcode[name]</strong>. 
 <br>1. Click the 'LIKE' button on the 'Android Festival' page -<br>
2. Copy the coupon code for the phone you want to buy. <br>
    3. Go to Saholic.com and choose your product, and <br>
4. Apply the coupon code on the cart page to get the discount.<br>
5. Click <a href='3gmobile.co.in'>3Gmobile.co.in</a> to open";

 $smsmessage="Dear ".$_POST['name'].", Thanks for visting our site. The code is : $rowcode[couponcode]";
 if(mail($_POST["email"], $subject, $body, $headers))
   sendSMS($_POST["phone"], $smsmessage);
   mysql_query("insert into buy_details (buyername, buyeremail, buyerphone, model) values ('".$_POST['name']."', '".$_POST['email']."', '".$_POST['phone']."', '$rowcode[name]')");
   echo "<meta http-equiv=\"refresh\" content=\"1;URL=$url\" />";
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