Hi I've been told by my bf that php and mysql are very very powerful tools in the computing world and that it can make all kinds of neat things like databases to small nifty programs. I'm a model, and I began to get addicting to computers after i was introduced to myspace.com

i was wondering if any mysql / php professionals that can be my friend and teach me. i have aol messenger and email address i would like to learn, i have love for the computer. thanks

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rofl, sorry, not fair on a first post, but you had to be a model didn't you?! Couldn't just be a normal person looking for help.

Anyway, search on Google for "php tutorial" and follow some of the simple examples to get you started. Your myspace experience will have taught you basic html and css skills. That's a good starting point.

PHP is just another way of generating that html and "view source" will be an important tool as you get used to the difference between the script and what the browser receives.

MySQL (or any database) is just a way of holding information. Study the tutorials carefully and be ready to make many mistakes as you get used to how tables tie together etc.

Oh, and you need a site to play with so you'll have to sign up for a proper hosting package.

If you are truly intresting in learning PHP/MySQL I would suggest you go out and buy and book. I've found that it takes much less time to purchase a book than scour the internet to find an all-in-one resource for learning something.

Once you get the hang of PHP the BEST reference in the world is the documation on www.php.net

It's hard for beginners to understand but once you know the basics it is a godsend.

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