I have an image button as item template in all the rows of a gridview. A popup (with checkboxlist items, update and cancel button)will be displayed on clicking the image button. Say there are 4 rows in the gridview . For first row I click on the image button and I get a popup, I select few items from checkboxlist and hit update button. The values get updated. Now the problem is when I click on the image button in the second row the checkbox selections made in the previous row is not cleared. How to get rid of this problem? ? For each row I want the checkbox selection to be unique. That is : For the first row whichever item I selected, should be checked still. But for the other rows it should not reflect. Hope you understand.

Could you post the .aspx code for this? It's hard to figure out exactly what's going on from your description. You should probably be able to use the GridView RowCommand event to update the values of the checkboxes before opening the popup, this way you can determine which row is attempting to open the popup. However, it's hard to give any specific help without knowing more about how the page is set up and what the code is doing.