The application has the first window named chatroom.asp . Here a person will give a room name and enter that room for chat. All those who want to chat have to enter the same room. When a chat room is submitted by a user, the room name is passed to several other asp files for processing. The application will then provide the chat.asp home screen which is actually a vertical combination of two frames – the upper one is chat_controller.asp?ID=room-name and the lower one is msg_browser.asp. ?ID=room-name file.
The chat_controller.asp window is used by each individual user of a room to send msg to the server which will be shown to all users of the same room through the msg_browser.asp window. Room name is passed from the chatroom.asp file to the chat.asp file through the request(“room”) method. This data is then again passed to the chat_controller.asp and msg_browser.asp files through the ?ID=request(“room”) method . The room name is vital to both these files because the room name will isolate concurring chatting sessions from each other. If the room is , for example, xyz the chat_controller.asp will initially open as chat_controller.asp?ID=xyz . This file has the msg sending user interface with the visitor name textbox , the Msg content textbox and the Msg send command button. When a user click the button, the visitor name and the Msg text will be sent back to the chat_controller.asp?ID=xyz file and the inner code will entry the 4 pieces of data (1)room name (2) visitor name (3) Msg text and (4)send time to the database. As the target file is chat_controller.asp?ID=xyz itself, the msg sending user interface is again ready for the user for next Msg sending operation.
The msg_browser.asp. ?ID=room-name file automatically reload itself in every second each time searching for the msg(s) sent to the specified room. It then shows the last 6 msg(s) that have been sent to the room by different users.

Okay, so what is your question?