I am looking for someone with spare time to write a PHP app for me.
I am just starting to learn PHP but something like this app is too advanced for me right now and I need it asap.
Also, having it will go a long way to advance my learning.

Email Log system

Many emails are received in a general account but only some of them are to be logged.
When an email is logged it is assigned to one or more unit #s.

information to be recorded:
Unit #
Email Date
Email Body
Undertaking Date

Everything except the email date and body would be user input on a form (which I need).

I cannot conceive how a specific email could be selected in this form.
Also if the email has an attachment can it be saved with the email date and body?

I have MySQL 5.5, Apache 2.2 and PHP 52.17 installed and working in Microsoft 7 64 bit.

So this is a job offer?

well it wasn't intended to be a job offering, just a plea for help.
I suppose I could come up with a few bucks to donate.

You're welcome to ask for help with specific questions in this section of the forums, but asking people to write code for you belongs in Web Development job offers.

We do expect people to demonstrate an effort on their own. It's not a code-by-request service.

Oops sorry, I didn't know this.