hi... How to kill/abort the request (ie currently processing) to Applicatin server ,like clicking the "submit new thread" button of IE and i want to stop posting .The main thing is that it has to kill the entire process .Is there any java Script to Handle this requests,or
we can do by abort() method .

thanks in advance

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Nope. Killing a request or process cannot be done via JavaScript. Also, you should not try to kill a process which is being processed on the server side. The only thing to terminate a process is to let it timeout. Once a request sent by client is out from the client's browser, even though the client clicked "stop" or close the browser, the request is still processed by the server and sent back. It is that the reply is dropped by the client side.

Why in hell would you want to do that?
If you want to just cancel the submit before it even started, you could return false in the onsubmit handler.

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