I am new to HTML kind of stuff. I have some documents in my own folders for different applications. I want keep all the documents in related Hyperlink under that particular department. after creating all the hypertlinks that link link should navigate to that particular document.

once it is done i need to keep all the docs related Hyperlinks in my own website which is developed by Java application. so can any one guide me to write the program for this requirement.

Please let me know if you need any other information.

eg: I have applications called ABC,DEF,GHI under ABC i have 5 documents. so want to create hyperlinks for all those docs.like that i want to create for all.IF any time I want to take particular document directly i want to click or search for that particular doc with some keyword it should directly navigate to that particular document and it will open it.

Kindly help me to resolve this issue.


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If you want a static web page, you could use simple HTML to display links to each file in each folder. For example...

Your folder structure is...

 |_ MyHTMLFolder
    | |_file1
    | |_file2
    | |_file3
    | |_file4
    | |_file5
    | |_file6
    | |_file7
    | |_file8
    | |_file9

Given the MyHTMLFolder is a folder holding the page you want to display links named "mypage.html". What you need to do in order to keep the link in "mypage.html" alive is to use "relative" link. Do you know the "absolute" and "relative" term?

An "absolute" link will go to the domain of where the file is. In this case, the starting location of "absolute" is "C". In the HTML href will start with "/".

A "relative" link will start from where the HTML file is located and go down in its subfolder. This type of link should be used in a static HTML.

Anyway, do you know how to write a simple HTML and links?


Thanks for your reply and could you please suggest me how to write a program using XML hope it would be fully secured to using the docs. so please suggest me how to write a program for this and am not yet used XML. so please guide me to write a program for the above requirement.


It should be pretty simple, google "HTML link a href"

Links look like

<a href="path/to/file.ext">Text link you see</a>


By using href we can give hyerlinks to required docs in HTML but it is not that much secured so I want to write a program for the above requirement using XML.So please help me out in this.


Your request does not make sense. HTML is not a program language, it IS XML. It's just tags.

Do you need files password protected?
Use a server side language (like PHP or ASP), or just plain, static HTML?
Will this go on a webserver, or on a local computer?
Is it for a company, or something at home?

Answer these and I might be able to be of more help.

If you are going to use JavaScript, it is already not secure even with XML. If you are talking about redirecting to a page or streaming a file, you should do it on your server side which is not JavaScript.

Hi all,

Thank you very much for all your suggestions.So please let me know which is best to write a program for the above requirement.The docs should be secured.

So please suggest me.


If you want to display the doc file on the browser, that may be difficult because you may need a plug-in on the client side. If you want user to click and a download window pops up, you can use any (computer or script) language in your web framework that can stream the file data to the client after being requested (i.e. Java, Ruby, Perl, Python, etc). Now you can hide the location of the file you actually read from the server.

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