I'm really no JavaScript expert, and I have absolutely no idea what exactly is causing this error.

I am using a Photo Gallery script called Galleria which uses jQuery/JavaScript to display photos. On my index page load (only in Internet Explorer), a message box pops up saying "Message from Web Page [object Object]". After clicking OK the photo gallery loads and there is no problem.

No idea how to fix this, or really what the error means.

You can view the error from my site here: http://www.millenniumparkplaza.com/bjb/site/index.php?p=home

Any help is greatly appreciated. I'm getting close to the deadline for this project and this is one of the final bugs to fix.

Thank you.

I got an error in your main.js file at line 425 saying a is null

function yf(a){for(var b;b=a.firstChild;)Eg(b),a.removeChild(b)}

Don't know how you call the function...

Wow, looks like Google Maps is causing the error. Absolutely no idea how to go about fixing this....any suggestions?

The pop up seems to be from calling "alert" function. Look through all of your js file that you includes to see if there is any call for alert(something). I got the same pop up says [object Object] as well for only the first time I click on it. If I refresh, there is no pop up but error in script as I said above.