I want to create a blog type site where I post stories and users are able to comment on them. In order to do this must I create a CMS? If so how difficult would it be? Would I only need to use PHP and MySQL?

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That can suffice for a very basic cms. If you want easy ways to add images or a html editor, then you may need some plugins (Example: TinyMCE, plUpload).

Provided you have a fluent understanding of php, html, css and javascript it is simple but time consuming. Provided you have a lot of time it can be done and quite easily even for a big cms if you have the experience.

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I think most of us have built custom CMSes at some point, but ask yourself the question - "do I really need to do this?"

There are hundreds of CMSes available. There are even some comparison sites that allow you to test drive them. You may be better off spending a few days looking at off-the-shelf CMSes that diving head-first into building your own.

If you're looking for a certain functionality, you can bet some CMS has a plug-in for what you need. However, if you're looking for a streamlined CMS without all the bloat, perhaps you should roll your own.

I agree with Ardav.
Also if you want to create a CMS take a day or two to plan how you want to go with it.
Sketch the MYSQL tables(if any), create the basic template, maybe browse CMS systems you find useful or interesting and figure out a way to create something similar but better.

I started on linktube.net without any PHP knowledge. Now its all running on XML and some mysql.
I recommend Adam Khoury's tutorials on youtube or visit his website at http://www.developphp.com/.

If you got any knowledge with PHP / MYSQL it wont take too long before you understand how to go forward with your Blog CMS and how to make it a "automatically driven system.

As pritaeas mentioned; TinyMCE, is something i use myself, and its well documented.
If you find anything on my site you would want, just PM me on linktube and i might aswell just give you the full source codes, but i can't promise that its well commented.

Good luck n3xtgen, read-think smart-do. Nothing PHP cant do if you set it up right.


Hey, I'm working on something similar myself. I had no knowledge of PHP and only some basic SQL knowledge but I managed to build a custom CMS by following a tutorial over at Elated (tutorial at http://www.elated.com/articles/cms-in-an-afternoon-php-mysql/ ). Rather than just downloading the code, go through it as he does and you'll get a much better understanding of how to modify it to suit your preference. I just downloaded it and tried to work with it but ended up going back to the tutorial to see how each part works.

download and use ckeditor and its code which available in any forum or google . yes you should have an idea of mysql ,php ,html. If you can't I can post a project

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