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I have a Dynaically created a Textbox and i have a Dynamically created DIV. So what i want to do is to Find the Position of the Textbox and and Dynamically when this textbox is created , please a Div just next to this textbox. So my plan was to find the position of the textbox and next to it using the position of the textbox and calculate the position of a Div.


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Wouldn't this be more easily done using javascript if you just need to display the div? Does your text box or div have server-side code attached to it which makes client side inappropriate?


I'd be tempted to do this client side in javascript. If need be you can call a function at the bottom of the page (to ensure everything has finished loading) and alter the position of the div if necessary.

Of course, you could make this work (probably, I haven't tried it) through good use of CSS and applying the right class to the div and text box when you create them

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