I have gone through the basic techniques to implement comet server like streamhub,Maven/Jetty etc. I have following questions for that :

After that I found the issues like in case of Maven/Jetty internet connection is required for downloading certain files from net.So it it possible to implement it if no internet connection is there on machine where the web server is hosted ?

Also I want the open source tools/technologies to achieve the thing mentioned in the above question. and I think stream hub is not a open source free version. Please help if you know any tool which is free/open source to use.

Currently the web application is running on apache web server. so if I use comet server what changes I need to do in that ??

Please help... Thanks in advance...

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Did you want to post a server question to the JavaScript forum?

ok Actually my application widely using java script from client/server side both.
Also I was not able to find the server thread to post this question.

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