I want to create a visual info system just like google earth. the difference being that it would help people search important educational, industrial, historical sites. what environment should i preferably go for? php or asp.net. i am new to both these env.s so kindly recommend the one that is easier to learn n implement. i have been asked to draw the maps myself. which tool should i go for?

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Your objective seems about as realistic as saying: I'd like to built a violin like a Stradivarius. I don't have any experience in woodworking or making instruments. What sort of wood should I use?"

Google Earth is a pretty advanced system that uses a lot of Javascript / Ajax. Trying to build any significant system in PHP, ASP or AJAX without the appropriate knowledge and experience isn't likely to be very successful. Google Earth has an API and so does Windows Live Local so this provides an easier way to build an app that uses geo-location. Even easier (and much more likely to succeed) is to use Google Maps (as opposed to Goggle Earth) to create a customized Map with the important educational, industrial, historical sites that you want to show. This doesn't require any programming and it can be implemented quite quickly.

ofcourse i cant build an app of the level of google earth. i gave the reference just to give an idea. kindly recommend me some programming env. coz my instructor has instructed me to do all of it myself n i have a time period of about 3 months

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SO, if we help you pass your examination, will you give us credit? :)

re your question - doesn't matter - use php or asp.net.

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