i want to create dynamic swf files using swf file template.

i have an embed code like this

<EMBED src="http://mysite.com/120_600.swf?inner=http://mysite.com/brand/files/wirelessidea/79/BANNER-DIVERZONA_120X600.swf&url=http://mysite.com/trackingcode.php?aid=1&linkid=F1" quality=4 width='120' height='600' > </EMBED>

in this http://mysite.com/120_600.swf file is empty. now i am passing inner&url parameters to this swf file. automatically create swf file in 120_600.swf. when ever we click on this automatically redirect to url which was we sent parameter as url.

is that possible?
otherwise is there any another solution?


thanks for reply. I did samething but the inner parameter is not loaded dynamically into 120_600.swf file and flash file is not clickable. do you have any idea how to create affiliate flash banner ? please guide me.