Generaly what skills that I should know in PHP to be a candidate to work in a company
In other words I have studied the basics of PHP what you advise me to know more.
thank you.

You should start looking at the ads in Craigslist or commercial job posting sites like Workopolis and Monster.com. It will start to give you a feeling for what companies are looking for. Obviously, it will vary but a good knowledge of html and css is a given. A good familiarity with using SQL databases is also a given. Many will probably want some knowledge of Javascript or familiarity with Javascript libraries like JQuery. At least some knowledge of OOP and frameworks might be helpful as well. You'll want to be able to demonstrate what you know so having some well structured and well documented programs available that you've written would be helpful. You'll probably find that companies are generally looking for a pretty broad skill set and pretty strong ability in PHP and some of the other areas. It isn't too likely that you'll see an ad looking for just 'basic' skills. Thus, getting some experience working with advanced PHP systems would be to your benefit. There are lots of open-source systems available so you might want to pick one or two of the more popular ones, download them and then explore how they work.