I guys!

I need a couple of good book titles that can cover the work i need to do.

I work in a call center and i need to do some modifications to the GUI, clients, operators and admin. Our platform works on asterix 1.6 with freepbx on top. we have a side DB to log, record and interact. blablabla you get the idea.

So far the present system is build with PHP, JS, Python, JQuery, MySQL.

Considering i'm no web programmer i know the basic html, css and i've program in C and Java. (luv Java) Yeah i thought of redoing everything in Java, but i'm short on time.

I browsed Chapters site for books on PHP, but there's so many, so that's why i'm posting here before i buy anything.

So if you have any book suggestions, they'll be much appreciated.



The books I would recommend would be "PHP5 and MySQL Bible" (about 4cm thick book). Also "Extending and Embedding PHP" if you want to make php extensions. Also if you want to learn php-gtk then you might want to consider "Pro PHP-GTK". Note that php-gtk is not used in web development but rather desktop application development as php has a module called the gtk module which gives php a interface so you can make desktop programs using php code instead of just web pages.

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Are you going to be using OOP, or just straight procedural code? What about frameworks or templates?

I've bought loads of good books over the years, but I suppose they're all a bit dated now. Check out Wrox ("Professional PHP"), Apress and O'Reilly ("PHP and MySQL"; "PHP Security") as spot-on publishers. I recently bought JQuery Cookbook from O'Reilly too - pretty good I must say.

for PHP I suggest W3Schools. I also love Videos from Youtube user PHPAcademy plus my favorite PHP 101
As for JavaScript I think w3Schools is enough! For JQuery just start with their home page. Also Check JQuery From Novice to Ninja from site point.

Python have tons of free books out there: Thinking Python, Dive into Python, A Byte of Python et al. Also the official Pytutorial is wonderful!

thx for the inputs guys

now its back to work for me, hope i can do this in the timeline.