Ive been working on a web map application with OpenLayers as a client side library, geoserver and Postgresql as database.I am a newbie in OpenLayers and javascript as well.I need to commit the features added on the map into the database.Is there a way i can specify the table in the database where the feature data can be stored? I have generated the KML of the added feature.Now i only need to pass the kml into the geoserver so that the changes can be viewed in database.I desperately need some help.

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JavaScript has no access to your database. You need to have the JavaScript use a webservice where the webservice has access to the database.

Absolutely,OpenLayers provides some way of accessing the server and the server on getting the requests commits changes over the database.I have figured some way out but its not actually working.
I need someone who has knowledge on OpenLayers.

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