Hi All,

I am new to ColdFusion and i m using CF-8.
I Want to create a Log file for error and i have done that, but the problem is
that the text file "error.txt" content all the data retrieve by the CFERROR variables.
But its store duplicate records as i refresh lots of time that same error page so it store multiple times the same error details.

So i want to store that for once if have the same error details in the same error file.
If i use CFFILE type="read" for checking the data present before or not it will be a great deal.
Can it will be done by other means....

Please advice me in the same .....



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You should let it do that because what if the same error happens on another page? If you dont want that just use ReFind() or ReFindNoCase() functions. Coldfusion already stores an error log but if you are on shared hosting you probably cannot access that log file.


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