Hello everybody,

I would like to start learning ColdFusion language and it is very hard to find a “teacher”. Let me explain:

I have very little experience with HTML and CSS and … that’s about it. I am surprise how hard is to find literature necessary to learn ColdFusion (for true beginners). On Amazon there are only few books and most of them are few years old (I am not sure if they are still up-to-date) and they do not have too many good reviews. Look for any other language like HTML, CSS or Java … and you’ll find tens of books. Classes are hard to find and are super expensive (hundreds to thousands of dollars just to get the basic knowledge, they say). Besides this, I will also have to look into learning how to use a data base (MS SQL, MY SQL …). Please, for those that already know how to use ColdFusion and, since you know what is needed to master the language,

What would you do? Where would you start?

Is there a prerequisite for this language?

I would go to school to get the basics … but in what?

Any suggestions, links, school names, tutorials or … anything are appreciated.

Thank you.

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Sounds like troll bait.

Allow me to clarify the situation:

I do not want to start a debate about the presence or absence of sources for learning ColdFusion.
My predicament is that I do not know where to start. The rest of the info was just to let you know that I actually did some research.

I just want to get some advice from the connoisseurs … it would make my life much easier.

If you're serious, I'd choose CFWACK. They're by far the best CF book IMO. It's what I used to learn CF, combined with the examples in the online documentation.

I recommend most people take a separate course on databases. Because sql is a totally separate beast. Languages like CF, .NET, .PHP, etc... just provide the means to execute sql. You need have a basic understanding of the s-q-l language to do anything with those tools..


start with easy lessions from easycfm. www.easycfm.com that will get you started with the basics

To alinbabba,

I learned CF and never took a class. If you know HTML you can pick up CF fairly easily. That is one of the nice things about CF it uses tags the same way as HTML does. Now, this is how I did it. I first learned HTML. Then a pickup a book called SAMS Teach Yourself ColdFusion MX (ISBN-13: 978-0672322792). I know this is an old book but it a great for learning and it will work for you. Then I picked a called Mastering ColdFusion MX (ISBN-13: 978-0782141245). This too, is an older book but it is great for the beginner to intermediate.

In each of these books mentioned it will teach CF. Now the trick here is learning CF single level coding or multi-level coding. For the beginner I personally think it is best to start off with single level coding meaning the you but both your business layer code and your presentation layer code on the same webpage. This is not how you would do in the real world but for a beginner I think is best. To start off using CFCs, SP, and <CFINCLUDE> tag is a bit much for the beginner. It's hard enough just learning how variables work.

After you have become familiar with some CF coding, now your ready to use the Adobe Web Application Construction Kit or WACK. This is where your start working in the real world and starts. The WACK books are very good reference books but in my opinion they were not targeted to the beginner. They were targeted towards the intermediate moving towards the advance.

One think you should know in today's world web application development is moving very quickly towards the rich application so just knowing CF won't cut it you will more than likely have to know or be familiar with SQL, T-SQl, CSS, Javascript, Flex, Flash, Fireworks, Photoshop, and Illustrator. Also, it wouldn't hurt knowing a second language such PHP, JSP, or ASP.NET.

Well that's about it. Dave G.

I have to agree with arrgh. CFWACK(coldfusion web application construction kit) is the best book for learning Coldfusion. There are 3 volumes in the current updated issue. The first book is for beginners, but assumes you do have a good understanting of basic html/css.

As far as finding a teacher in any public school, I'd say you'd be hard pressed to find anyone at all who teaches CF. I actually got lucky enough going to a local community college where one instructor taught CF in the Web Department.

Also, if you dont mind spending a little money, lynda.com is a very good site that has TONS of video tutorials on not only coldfusion, but most any other language and software you can think of. It's around $30 a month, but worth it to me.

Safari Books online have coldfusion books to study or purchase the book on amazon.com called Adobe ColdFusion 9 Web Application Construction Kit.

start with easy lessions from easycfm. www.easycfm.com that will get you started with the basics

That's where I learned a lot of my CF skills. Great site.

or you can contact me because I am working coldfusion

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