I am new to PHP
and wanted to know
which reporting tool is used PHP/MYSQL based projects...
to fetch data from mysql using php
from which pdf can be generated also..

As Crystal report 11 has lots of good functionallity
but doesn't has support for php
So when i deploy my project over LINUX based online server...
i can easily generate report...

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I would suggest looking at the pdf module along with the mysql module along with the php documentation.:)
I believe those are the resources you are after and perhaps a few tutorials from google might be good too.:)

There isn't a standard reporting tool like Crystal Reports (that I am aware of) that you can use from PHP. You will probably have to "roll your own" and that is what Cwarn23 is implying with the references he provided. You can see a discussion on this topic at:
Even though it's a couple of years old, I'm not aware that anything has changed.

There are a few mysql reporting tools but I don't know if you can call them from PHP. A thread with a few suggestions:

I find it simplest to create reports in html and then feed them into a converter that produces a PDF for you. You can see more on that at:

l like fpdf works well with php

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