DW has written some js code for me and it works just like I want it to in FF but IE .... not so much.

<div id="menu"><p onclick="MM_openBrWindow('sitemap.php','SiteMap','width=640,height=480');return document.MM_return false"><a href="sitemap.php">Site Map</a></p>
<p onclick="MM_openBrWindow('policy.php','Policy','width=640,height=480');return document.MM_returnValue"><a href="policy.php">Policy</a></p>
<p onclick="MM_openBrWindow('send_mail03.cfm','EmalMe','width=300,height=370');return document.MM_returnValue"><a href="send_mail03.cfm">E-Mail Us</a></p></div>  

The questions of course: Why not? and "What would be the best way to fix it?"

It's a simple div residing in the banner section of my .php page with 3 lines of text. Site Map, Policy and E-Mail Me. The text is the link and should open the pop-ups the right size. FF does that perfectly but IE opens them in a full sized window. Thanks in advance.

Can you test it with a simple Java Script call using


to see whether or not IE pop up a new window correctly. If so, then it is the script inside MM_openBrWindow() function that may not be compatible with IE.

This is one reason why you should always make code yourself, code from other programs may give weird bugs.
IE and internet standards, most likely just as your MM_openBrWindow, don't go along too much, it's especially a disaster if you have to code for IE6, like when in a company