This is basically what i need. I need users to select a manufacturer to post on a classified ad.
When the users make the selection I need that information processed and sent to the page I point
it to permanently for other users to see. The same for any user that makes a post

I know that their must be a simple way of doing this. I am not great with php but I have put forth a valiant effort to get this done. I am stumped please help.

Here is my code.


<select action="select.php" name="manufacturer">
        <option value="Lincoln">Lincoln</option>
        <option value="Example">Example</option>


    echo "Manufacturer: ".$_POST['manufacturer'];
      else {?>

I call to the selection with this.

<?php echo "Manufacturer: ".$_POST['manufacturer']; ?>

This code only displays for the current session.
I need to do this permanently.