Hey looking over sessions was confusing the hell out of me but I found my solution again on this forum... now I have a session that as a time out and 'logs out' the user after 10 mins so next time they try do something it takes them to the log in page. I was wondering if it is possible to have a pop up after 10 mins of inactivity to tell them they are being logged out and asking if they want to log back in, and also one prior to that saying your about to be logged out... if you don't want to be click now... ?!?

I understand it is much easier to solve an issue if I provide some code... but the truth is apart from starting the session and refreshing the timer everytime the user does something I have nothing. I am guessing it will be something a bit more complexed to catch a time out with out the user actually doing something.......

is it possible in php?


you can read more about session time out warning by way of jquery and php here. I don't own the site NOR I have affiliation with them. I must clarify that, so that the link don't get snipped ..I learned a lot of things in this forum in a very short period of time...Another interesting life experiences I guess. :)