Hi All,

I know this sounds like a simple issue, and it may in fact be, but I have never figured out how to give the admin of a website an easy to use ability to enter the body of an email that they want to send to their members.

Is there something simple that will handle the formatting of the email that I can merge with the member's database and send out to the entire membership?

Possibly a plug in of some sort, or relatively simple routine in PHP?

Maybe this question is too broad, I don't know, but I finally am at a point where I need to provide this, and don't know where else to turn...

Your help would be greatly appreciated.


I found many PHP classes on the web for sending email but ended up modifying them to do what you are asking.

One of the constant requirements was to be able to send attachments and the other to be able to cut and paste content into a text area without major formatting.

I found TinyMCE, a JavaScript add-in that creates a very nice, word processor type text area to create the message body or cut and paste.

I created my own script and simple form for admins. It allows them to upload and attach an attachment that allows most mime types. The form is simple with subject, body, and radio button to send an attachments, and form elements to describe the attachment. If there is an attachment, it allows the admin to upload the document and attach it to the email. It goes through a MySql database table of members to fetch email addressees and sends the message.

Also, after doing many of these, I have created members tables that have fields for key personnel and other admins so emails can be sent only to key personnel and other admins.


Thank you for your reply.

I think this may be what I'm looking for but it is a bit more complicated than I anticipated... Will give it a shot to see if I can get it worked out...

Thanks again