I have an AJAX code which sends requests to multiple .php files in the server. All the files (that I send request) are using the same Db class and I think using sigleton pattern will help me out. But now I doubt that everytime I send request it creates a whole new objectn (instead of grabing the object hold by $instance static variable) . Is it correct ? And if so how can I make an instance only once . By the way on the top of all php files that I am sending request I type



And below is my Db class

require_once("includes/config.php");  // Configuration
    class Db{
            public $connection;
            public $selected_db;
            private static $instance;
            public static function getSingletone(){
                                   if(!self::$instance instanceof self){
                                           self::$instance=new self();
                                   return self::$instance;
            public function __construct(){
                                $this->connection=mysql_connect(DB_HOST,DB_USER,DB_PASS);               // 1 . Creating a connection  
                                    die("Couldnt create a database connection ".  mysql_error());
                                $this->selected_db=mysql_select_db(DB_NAME,$this->connection);          // 2. Selects a database
                                    die("Could not select the database: ".mysql_error());
                                }//  End "if"   for selecting a database
            public function insert($user,$time,$message){
                                $query="INSERT INTO chat(user,time,message) VALUES('{$user}','{$time}','{$message}')";
                                   die("Could Not Insert ".mysql_error());
                            }// End  "insert()"  method
            public function execute($query){
                                    die("Database query failed".mysql_error());
                                     return $result;
                            } // End "execute()" method
            public function row_number($query){
                                return $result;
            public function delete_rows($table){
                                $query="DELETE FROM '{$table}'  WHERE id=7";
                                    die("Could NOT delete".mysql_error());
                            } //  End "delete_rows_by_ids()"  method
            public function __destruct(){           // __destruct()
                            } // Destroys created object
            } // End the "db"   class

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HTTP requests in themselves are stateless. The only way to persist data/variables between requests is to persist them in a file (database, session, cookie).

The singleton pattern will only work during the same request. So if during a single AJAX request, you get a database instance twice using getSingleton, it will return the same object.

Over two separate AJAX requests, you will get two separate database instances, because as soon as a request finishes, all variables go out of scope.


Thank you. Understood!!!

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