Hi there,

I've never done any work with ASP .NET files before so I apologise for a probably basic question.

I have a HTML file and a ASPX file. I need the HTML file to run the ASPX file and display it's contents. The idea is that the ASPX file will connect to a DB and insert something into a table (already working) and display an image. The rest of the html file should display below the image.

At this stage the HTML file displays with the image from the ASPX file not showing. Not sure about how to solve this.

Thanks, Bernie.

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Hi Bernie,

Can you paste your code here? Where do you host your files?

It's ok now. I was able to get it working but I still have another overall issue with this. Basically I'm trying to find out who has opened an email by loading an ASPX script in the HTML body. It seems after further research that this method won't work as most mail systems will block <SCRIPT> tags in the HTML. Does anyone have any idea on another method maybe that this might be acheivable.

Thanks, Bernie.

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