Hello you all, I'm new here.. Hope it will become a good place for me.
People are asking questions on bbPress support forums, but bbPress support looking inactive after 2.0 announcement. That's why I moved to DaniWeb. Let's see how developer community of DaniWeb will help me :)

-- If you'll ask a question regarding bbPress stanalone version there. Nobody answer you. People are losing their interest in bbPress stanalone after plugin's development. I'm seeing many threads related to bbPress standalone are open there waiting for reply. If bbPress/PHP gurus are active here in DaniWeb then this community can be productive for many users like me who love to use bbPress standalone.

-- So let's start with one question. "How can we add a new custom field on bbPress post-form?"

-- Currently the default post form looks like something the following screenshot. http://i40.tinypic.com/ztx9j7.png or see the attachment

Default Fields are:

a) Post Title
b) Post Body
c) Tags

-- So, we want to add an extra custom field called "URL" also need it's output to disply the result on topic page. That's all

Please let me know if you people are able to help me, thanks


Actually it's possible to add the following code into the functions.php theme file of bbPress, the code is below!

add_action('post_form', 'addmyinputfield');

function addmyinputfield() {
echo '<input type="text" name="mine" id="mine" />';

But wondering for another hook to get the value when it's been posted.

Useless community! I'm moving forward. bub bye daniweb.

Hey pomy, did you figure out, how to create custom fields without plugins?

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