Good Morning All,

I am doing a membership site for a client and would like to use SSl, but know absolutely nothing about it...

My primary concern is whether there are any specific programming differences required in my scripts to accommodate the https as opposed to http?

I use about 99% relative addressing within the scripts, and assume I would need to go to 100%, as long as that is appropriate using SSL.

If there are any issues that I need to know about and any quick work arounds that would be available for any issues I would greatly appreciate a heads up.

This is the best information / education site I've found, so is always my first point of reference..

Thanks in Advance

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As long as you are using relative addressing, you would have no issues. If you are referring to http:// based content, then the user would get a warning. This would most likely apply to third party plugins.


Thank you very much... that is the answer I was looking for.

In reference to 3rd party plugins, I'm assuming you are referring to something like a trouble ticket system, or the FAQ...

Hadn't really given that a thought, so will figure out a work around for that.

Thanks again. I am marking this as Solved, as it basically is answered.


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