hi there)
guys, please tell me - is it any way to make associative array in php without assignment values to the arrays elements?
in my situation i need to read indexes names from txt-file -so i can't immediatly give them values.....what will you advice in this situation?
Is there any way to avoid NULL assignment ?

big thanks in advance)

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Hm, with null/false/-1/'' as value you can display the array:

$a = array('a' => false, 'b' => '', 'c' => '1a');

Just make sure to not run array_filter() against this array or those will be removed.

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so - as i understand there isn't any way to write code without any temporary assignments ? am i right?)

I'm sorry but I don't understand, maybe because English is not my main language, can you provide an example of what you would like to do?

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