First of all, I don't know if I should put this thread on HTML/CSS or here since this thread is kinda about both of them, so I'll try it here.


I've need some help/advices for my problem;

I'm doing a project at school, were we're going to develope a website. Me and my team came up with an idea, "News of the month", where we basically gather together the most important news for each month. What we're struggling with is to get this implemented in one way or another if, and it is none of us can JS/CSS very well.

We were thinking about getting our layout/design something like this:

A header on top, a navigation bar for "Home, Contact us etc", the content page shall consist of three pictures of the news, like in my example, there would be a bomb on January, or Las Vegas. The aside bar on left is a scrollable bar which easily let you scroll between months (there will be buttons). YOu should also be able to click on the picture to go to the next month.

What we're struggling with is how we could get this sliding thing to work. None uf us can JS. We were thinking about using CSS3 Transistion, but the text is also a problem along with connecting the pictures to the buttons. For example if I click on March, there will come a new article below the pictures with the news of March. Pictures would look like this then:
Feb - MARCH - Apr.

We basically don't know how we can get this to work along with nice, and some smud slides! We cound create one subpage for each month, but the slide wouldn't be nice then.

Any ideas for what I can use?


I found this JQuery solution:

This works, but however, I don't understand how I can keep them in a row and in some kind of a carousel. I want them to go in an infinite loop.

For example:
Des-Jan-Feb. If I click on Feb, it should be Jan-Feb-Mar. It doesnt need to be 3 in a row, could be 5 too. Jan-Feb-Mar-Apr-May, where Mar is the selected month. If I click on May, it should me Mar-Apr-May-Jun-Jul. Any ideas for how I can modify this javascript? I have no ideas, I also dont understand js :(

I want something like this, but just an infinite loop/carousel.. Any ideas for how I can get this/what I should edit in jcoverflip.js?

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