Good Day Fellows

i have a Dynamic Questionnaire that is created using dynamic data from the Database. My data in the Database contains the fields like

QuestionID - Primary key
Question - The Question Text
Answer - The Answer
Required - This is a Validation , i used this to enable the Required validator in
DataType - This is the Datatype, it can be a Heading also.
ReadOnly - This check if that Question is a Read-only , This happens most of the time , when it is a Calculated Field, meaning its values depends on other fields values.
Order - This is the order the Questions will appear
Section - This is the section, So the Questions are Grouped. Normaly in Page1 you will have Questions for Section 1.......
Deleted- This is a bit Field , its either 1 or 0 , 1 is active, so this helps be to Filter only active Questions
QuestionType- This is the Type of Control the Data should be Presented with, It can be a Dropdown ,checkbox or textbox..
QT_ID - There can be many Templates of the Question , this makes sure we use the Correct Template for the Questionnaire

So with this kind of Data , i want to use know , what Control can i use to achieve this.