I'm coding a site in php, and i want to add another language/

I used poedit to do po file

I used the _e() func, e.g _e('hello world')

but when i tried to run the site in the localhost, i get an error.

but when i changed the func, i used th _() Func, it's work fine.

What's the problem ?

Thank you


I don't understand. Which error you get? Can you post a simplified code example?


for example
this code

<?php _e('hello world') ?>

doesn't work, and i get this error.

undefined function _e().

when i change it to this code:

<?php echo _('hello world') ?>

it working, and I get the translation

This works for me:

function _e($w) # define function
	return 'hello ' .$w;

echo _e('world');

Now: are you loading your _e() function? is this _e() a po function? Are you using php.ini extension directive to load it? bye


I want to translate "hello world" in another language by po file and the _e() is a po function

It's not clear to me. PHP is noticing you that _e is not defined, my question are:

1. where is located _e() function? in which file?
2. how do you include it to your script?

This <?php _e('hello world') ?> by itself can't work.

the e() function is in the *.po file.

this is the code to excute it
$locale = "ar_SA";
if (isSet($_GET["locale"])) $locale = $_GET["locale"];
setlocale(LC_ALL, $locale);
bindtextdomain($domain, "./languages");

and yes, it's wordpress thing, but also it's working in another apps

I can't help you.

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the e() function is in the *.po file.

Really? I though that was just plain text.