hi guys,

not sure where to start so thought i would see if any you guys have any knowledge on recording calls into a backend website running on php/mysql?

site is running a sales order system and working fine however they want to record calls into the database so guess first thing is what is needed and can it be done straight into an online system?

thanks again

By recording calls do you mean telephone calls?

I did something similar a long, long time ago and its UGLY!

Depending on the laws in the state/country where the phone order is being taken, it may not be legal to record the call without the customers permission so that requires a toggle button. Toggle buttons then allow reps to skirt the system.

Next you have to have a phone system (VoIP) that allows you to record calls... and, beyond having to write specialty drivers to get the voice stream from the phone system, you have to save it in a format (mp3?) that is usable by most all desktops. Oh and all this takes a TON of extra processing power.

Next you have to store those calls... each file is HUGE in terms of storage so you're gonna need new backend hardware.

By the time all is said and done, the client may be better off just investing in some good "call center" software.