i want to load data after loading related php page. i used ajax and even jquery.
jquery was not sure this is jquery code

$.post('<?php bloginfo('template_url'); ?>/bk_page/schedule_check.php', "", 
    function(data) { $("#fieldsetConfirm").html(data);})

but this and
when i was using ajax it changes data, but unfortunately, the pay now button (pay pal) was not working. curser changes but button don't work...
i have no idea how to fix this. please give me a support. any solution. thank you

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what is the data variable returning?

a page containing html + php with queries and which contains pay pal form. but the problem is this codings works but pay pal button doen't work only when i use these codings... thank you for your reply,

found that it's adding a form tag frm no where :-o no idea how why

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