i live in Vietnam, so My English is so bad, but i hope you know what i mean.
I want to setup a server that use : Apache, PHP, and Ms SQL server persional edition 2000.
But i only can connect Apache 2.0 and PHP 5.x
it run ok
But i don't know, the way that PHP can access MS SQL
how to set up
Help me, it is very nessecsary! hepl..........! Thanks every body :D

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Yes, I see, i had read this document, i had practiced, but i were not successful, what a pity, but i will try again, thank for your support! have a nice day!

Thank's i need it have a good and nice day

I don't know if this is on the right lines but I use a package called XAMPP from the Apache Friends Web Site. This is a simple package that installs the following item:-

Apache HTTPD 2.2.6 + Openssl 0.9.8e
MySQL 5.0.45
PHP 5.2.4
PHP 4.4.7
phpMyAdmin 2.11.1
Zend Optimizer 3.3.0

Giving you the ability to run an apache server that will run php and mysql on a windows system. I use it to test (I am extremely new to php coding) my hit and miss attempts in php programming without having to upload to my web site first by using http://localhost/

Hope this helps, and if it's in the wrong area then please move it to a more relevant area.

Easy php, xammp also very easy to insall the php

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