Hello guyz.. Now am currently doing a SMS portal site . I have 2 frames like ,
<frameset rows"" cols"">

<frame src"page1.php">Page1</frame> // Navigation
<frame src"page2.php">Page2</frame> // Main Content


Navigation : Static
main Content : Dynamic || By this case when user press F5 the Main content frame goes to page2.php from current page . In this case there will be lot of data was missing on the current page and the user again want to go to his page.

Could anyone please tell me wat is the code for stay in current page when page refresh's

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I want to load only the particular form not the whole page when for submit's . thats why am using framesets . For example google, When googling ,Only the main content will be change , But the top menu and the left menu will be static.

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Hi jcarbillon , Thank you fr ur rly, i understand what you are saying,, Now i decided to clear all frames and just using normal divs and use include(); Thank you for TC abt this.


You're better to use ajax (try jQuery) IMO. This will allow you to overwrite/change parts of the page without affecting the whole lot. I try to avoid frames wherever possible.

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