Hi, i am not sure whether this is in the right section or not but i am building an file upload site and want to be able to scan the files on upload for viruses etc.. How would i be able to do this?

Any ideas to get me started?


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You need a command line scanner which you can trigger with exec, passthru or system.

Ok, thanks for the reply, i had a look around, and found that you can download a file for the command line scanner, so do i just upload this to my server and then use the exec to run the programme to scan the file

Be sure to check that you have all required files. Most scanners have separate virus definition files, that need to be updated regularly.

Ok, will do, is there anyway to be able to create a report at the end of the scan that shows what each AV found? Is it like some sort of postback method?

Thanks for the help

You can trap it's output, if that's what you mean.

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