Hello I need help with
Programming system protection Bcod license for a particular script
The method used: http://www.daniweb.com/web-development/php/threads/278022
But it did not work at all and there are mistakes

I want to help in the patch or in the creation of the license code, for example, in this way

public function license( )
        global $licene_number;
        global $domain_name;
        global $tmps;
        $url = "http://localhost/license/?license=".$licene_number."&domain=".$domain_name;
        $licene_number = get_license_access( );
      $domain_name = get_domain( );
        if ( !function_exists( file_get_contents ) )
            echo $tmps->print_error( "error" );
            exit( );
            $result = @file_get_contents( $url );
            if ( $result != "SUCCESS" )
                return "INVALID";
        return "SUCCESS";


How do I use the code compiler, which reported in detail for Anie really want to use and I hope to find a solution and help

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Assuming that your intention is to protect a PHP script that you intend to sell, then you need an encoder and a license capability. I suggest that you look at IONCUBE (the Cerebrus version). A do-it-yourself solution (especially license only) is a waste of time. If you don't want to spend some money up-front to protect it, then you might as well give it away.