i used from regular command for showing date in php

<?php echo(Date("l F d, Y")); ?>

that as you know the result is some things like this : Monday December 12, 2011 but i need the brief form of date some things like this one : 12/30/2011 . please help me with this, and also i want to display the local time of users for recording into database tables.

please help me !

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Once more, lmgtfy saves the day!

Seriously though, you should always check php.net if you already know the name of the function you're working with. The documentation is great -- if I can understand it, anyone can <.<

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Graphix - sorry that you are disappointed that I provided an answer for the OP and felt you had to give me a negative reputation on it, but as far as I am concerned that is what I am on this forum for, not to provide full code but help people as much as I can in the simplest way I can as I would have like to have been helped when I was starting out.

It is all well and good telling people to google but have you ever thought that they may have already done that and not been able to understand exactly how they needed to resolve their problem, I personally think php.net is an awful site to try and learn from.

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