Dear Sir/Madam,

I have created some ASP pages in my computer and stored those pages into the web site content directory (in my case C:\PanWeb) and IIS's Virtual Directory alias is "abcweb" created with the IIS V5.1

However, i can browse those pages in my computer by putting the (only index page) or or localhost/abcweb/main.asp in the address bar of the web browser.

But, i can't browse those pages from other computer of my home/office network. Please guide me to access those ASP pages from other computer of my home/office network. However, i have tried like this..
<my computer IP Address>/abcweb/main.asp (always, I am putting my computer IP Address after observing) but, i have not succeed.

Note :
1. My computer IP address is a dynamic IP address.
2. I am using XP Prof SP-II in our home/office network

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UNBLOCK THE PORT 80 Using Your Windows Firewall. (Allow Incoming Connections)

Then Enjoy Your Site In Intranet

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