This is more about suggestions than it is about having an issue that needs resolving.

Happy New Year Everyone...:)

I have recently finished up on the basic programming of a membership site, and they have launched without issue.(Thank God)...

BUT, I have a few things that I would like to add to the site for them, and would like to do it in the form of Plug Ins as opposed to writing all the code.

I was hoping that with all the experienced PHP folks in here I could get some suggestions for GOOD, Well tested plug ins that are preferably Free, or at a very low cost, that I could include in my php scripts.

These are the areas that I'm looking to cover, and if you have other suggestions, that would be appreciated as well.

Forum - To replace the Skype chat room currently being used...
WYSISYG Email creator that will tie into their members database to do the mail out
Frequently Asked Questions - preferably one that is self generating (adds questions as they are presented and answered by the admin)
Ticket / Support System with potential of multi-Admin...
Possibly something to scroll vertically admin notes or latest new members in the left or right gutter on the webpage.

I would like to thank you in advance for any suggestions that you may have.


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Forum - fully fledged = phpBB3; discussion = disqus; chat = phpfreechat (many to choose from - perhaps better)

WYSIWYG - TinyMCE or CKEditor

Ticket system - I used this for a while - pretty good as I remember, however, not updated for 3 years:

Scroller - use jquery/mootools/prototype or even an RSS/Blog widget, like widgetbox - but I think there are nicer ones out there.

Thank you Sir for you thorough reply...

I'm going to mark this thread as answered because you did such a great job of it.

I may be back if I don't find everything I need in these, but it will probably be a while so I can install and learn how these suggestions work.