Hello everyone, I am a beginner at PHP, and I have been working with some php code, I built a search result page, a random string generator and a few other ones. But I would like to get a new idea for the website I am working on. I am not sure what to do. Also I am going to incorporate a login page, but that is not coming till later on. I want to add some really cool functions to the bottom of my website in 3 boxes that i have setup, you can view them here Familyrecipesonline.net Please give me some ideas, as i am bored with the ones i have lol.

Patrick :)

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Well what do you want to achieve?

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PHP is 'static' as such, so you'll be creating what is essentially HTML in your page, albeit, dynamically generated.

Your site screams out to me to be made over with some javascript or even ajax goodness, for some user interaction.

As mikulucky asks, what do you want - at least give us something to go on.

See i am not to sure what i want. I do have a Javascript calendar, but thats about it for JS, I want something new that is going to catch attention at the bottom of the page in the 3 boxes there. I mean would like to have a recipe or maybe some tidbits of things at the bottom, I have a MYSQL db in place, so its not hard to add a table, and throw in some data, but I just want something different at the bottom there.

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Have a look at other sites that share a similar purpose. Get some inspiration.

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