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is there any keylogger scripts thats I putt into my home page when user visit it it make a log file of users key storks and send it in the mail or upload in the script form

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There is the way, but it can log just text, that has been written to the input
text in form.
This way is onKeyUp event and send (via ajax) the text to the action page (php), that can handle the strings that was sent.
I can make one for you if you want it.
But Im not sure if there is something, that can log every key press on the page.

Binding the onkeypress event to the body tag might do it. And it would only work when the browser window is active

But why would you want to? What are you trying to accomplish?

i want to do it just for some kind of my project...

Yes, but I'm asking what are you trying to accomplish, because there might be a better method to achieve the outcome you require.

what are the better method will you explain

I cannot offer any alternative solutions, because you still haven't told us why you want to capture key strokes, or what you're going to do with the data.

For all we know, you could be looking to capture a user's data input in a really round-about way. You haven't clarified your requirements either way.

Dude I am sorry, but it seems like all you want to do is hack, so what blocblue is saying is 'what are you trying to do?' I mean are you trying tohackor not???

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