I am createing a site that uses categories to display certain things to visiters depending on what they click and the choices of what they can click on comes from a database. so how do you do the php to allow the site to create the links to a page and make the page display the required information from the database. Preferably without using php-sessions, if possible.

Can you specify a little clearer what your 'things' are ? This is a little vague. A specific example will get more specific code. Perhaps you can show what your database tables look like.

the database table for categories is just a simple 1 column table that has the categories in it, and what I need to do is write php to make links to a page to display specific information depending on what the user clicked..

this is really hard to get specific on

So you want a page that lists the categories, and when you click one, you want to go to a page for that category ?

basically what I have is a small area in my site that displays the categories to the visiter from a database. and it creates empty links at this time but what i need to is make the links point to a specific page and display the category of items from another table in the database by getting the category from the link. I hope that was more helpfull. Thanx in advance.

and to your response, yes that is what I want to do....

Do you already have code to display the category list ?