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How to show md5() password from MySql table in PHP,
I have saved my user's password as ,

$password = md5($_POST['password']);
$save = mysql_query("INSERT into users(password) VALUES ($password)");

Its encrypting nice and works fine when user logs in , that's not a problem,
my question is how to show that encrypted password as original text from MySql in PHP ?

Any Suggestion ?

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All you can do is store plain text password as separate field in database and display password from that field...


password varchar(100),original_password varchar(100)

store posted password in original_password.

But remember its not a better way. but for now i think its one solution.


Thanks for you reply guys, I want to encrypt one string and decrypt that to original text for other security reason . So i decide to use md5() . Now i created my own algorithm . Thank You For Spend Time For Me.


I want to encrypt one string and decrypt that to original text for other security reason

You can't decrypt a one-way hash like md5 (well, not without a rainbow table and a lot of time on your hands). You created you own algorithm using md5? I doubt it.


Yes ofcourse ardav, I created own (); for that . If you have doubt means create your own . Doubt will be clear.!


Sorry M I didn't mean to sound so rude BUT I cannot see how yyou've created an algotithm to dehash md5


Hi aardav ! I havn't used the md5 for that . Thank you.. Now the problem is cleared . And i have another doubt . How to send mails to users every 24 hours . Do u have any idea ? dnt include CRON , Is there any way to create our own ?


OK, start another thread as you won't get any help on that when using a different thread title and a solved status. Ensure that you search the forum thoroughly first, as this question comes up often. There will be hundreds of solutions in the php forum.

(You can run a cron job to do almost anything)

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