Hey everyone,

I am not sure how to ask this, but this is what I am wondering.

I am new to JS and am looking at a lot of webpages' sources. The thing that keeps coming up that I can't figure out is when you click a button (whatever it may be: next, submit, etc) how does it compare the input value to whatever it has. The button is given the input type = 'submit' but it doesn't explain where its destination is or what its comparing inputed data with.

Hope I explained well enough.

p.s. Thanks for any replies, and I have tried to look this question up; however, appears to be to vague.

Submit buttons are a feature of HTML, not javascript.

They work in association with the <form>...</form> in which they are embedded.

  • The form tag's action attribute determines the URL that is requested
  • The form tag's method attribute (GET or POST) determines how the form data (user inputs and selections) are packaged into the HTTP request.

Javascript can be used to intercept a form submission after a submit button is pressed in order to perform, for example, validation checks. Javascript can suppress form submission on failure to validate, or allow submission if everything appears to be OK.