please help me to move the record in the table.

i need this very urgently

I am sorry but i can't understand you ..
do you mean move all the record data from one position to another .. and give me breif decription of the table design and the moving purpose in order to help you ..

just moving the record in the table, ie move next in vb.


ok i understood you ..
in C#
-You can use the dataAdapter which fill the dataset..
the dataset is like the tow dimentional array ,that you can get any record from it by its indecies ..
e.g dataset1.Tables[0].Rows[0][2].ToString();
by simple for loop you can get all the data from the dataSet (note that the limit of the loop will be dataSet1.Tables[0].Rows.Count)..

-You can use the dataReader which is assigned to the return of the ExecuteReader() method of the command , then every time the dataReader make the Read() method you can move next.
dataReader1.Read(); // the first read
// get data here by dataReader1.GetString() or other Get.. methods

I wish i could help you


thanks for ur help. and i will check it and tell to u