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Hi everybody ,

My project having 7 modules.personal,Mypics(album),layer....
i have some problem in upload photo in layer.i need inside the layer,layername and layerphoto.the following code for display is ok.


<div class="field">

<span class="field-label">Name:</span>
<input id="layer_name", src=" " type="text" name="layer[name]" value="<?php echo $layer["name"] ?>">
<span id="layer_name_error" class="field-error"><?php if (isset($error["name"])) echo $error["name"] ?></span>
<span id="album_id_error" class="field-error"><?php if(isset($error["name"])) echo $error["name"] ?></span>



<ul class="layer-list jcarousel-skin-layer">
<?php foreach ($layers as $layer): ?>
<li class="layer-item">
<a onclick="viewLayer('<?php echo $layer->getId() ?>', '<?php echo $layer->getName() ?>');">

<img src="" class="layer-img" alt="<?php echo $layer->getName() ?>"></img>


<div class="clear-both"></div>
<?php if ($personal->getPrimaryLayerId() != $layer->getId()): ?><div class="text-align-center"><a href="<?php echo url_for('@layer_edit?id='.$layer->getId()) ?>">[Edit Layer]</a></div><?php endif ?>
<?php endforeach ?>

where can,i link upload picture.

the following code for upload picture code in album created page.

<?php echo link_to('Upload photo', '@picture_upload?album_id='.$album->getId()) ?>

is it correct or not.
<img src="<a href="<?php echo url_for("@picture_upload")?>" class="layer_img">" alt="<?php echo $layer->getpicture()?>">Addphoto</a></img>

<div id="fileUploader" style="display:none; margin-top:5px;">
<?php echo link_to('Upload photo', '@picture_upload?albumId='.$album->getId())

Please corect my code

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