Hello, I am new to web development and PHP/JS. I am currently using JWPlayer to show video on our church website using an xml playlist and all is working fine but it is rather cumbersome to upload new videos/Mp3 files. Each time we want to add a new video or audio we have to upload it to the server and change the xml playlist file. This works "OK" but i would like to change it so that it is more dynamic. What I would like to do is have PHP to read a folder and generate a list or table of the files and then the user would click on the one they want to listen to. I can already read the folder contents and put the contents in a table however when I put the onClick event tag in for the table i start getting errors. No particular error definition, it just says unexpected "" on line whatever and when I look at that line it is empty. When i take out the event tag everything displays ok but of course when I click in the file nothing happens.

Basically what I want to be able to do is:

upload a file to the server and have it update and play on the website without having to modify a playlist xml file. make it more dynamic.

Any suggestions on how i should implement this.

My PHP code is below..


$sermonDirectory = opendir("Sermons");

// gets each entry in the directory

while($entryName = readdir($sermonDirectory)) {
	$dirArray[] = $entryName;

//close the directory
//Sort the Array

//count the elements
$count = count($dirArray);

//Start the list
printf ("<ul>\n");

for($index = 0; $index < $count; $index++)
$ext = pathinfo($dirArray[$index], PATHINFO_EXTENSION);
if($dirArray[$index] !='.' && $dirArray[$index]!='..' && $ext!="xml")
printf ("<li><a href='#' onclick='jwplayer().load('$dirArray[$index]')'>\n");
printf ("$dirArray[$index]");
printf ("</a></li>\n");

printf ("</ul>\n");

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ok, say we have a directory called media. Let's put all the media in this directory. For the sake of this example we have flv, mp4 videos inside this directory. I am not sure if we can play mp3 with the same player for video. I have not tested this script, but if you can post your progress, I can probably help you further.

<!-- below is our target jwplayer -->
<script type='text/javascript' src='player/jwplayer.js'></script>
<div id="container"></div>
<script type="text/javascript">
    autostart: true,
    flashplayer: "player/player.swf",
    height: 370,
    width: 720
//lets create a simple function to take care of the files
function dirVideo($dir) {
$d = dir($dir); 
while (false!== ($file = $d->read())) 
$extension = substr($file, strrpos($file, '.')); 
if(($extension == ".flv") || ($extension ==".mp4"))
$videos[$file] = $file; 
return $videos; 

//we are done with the simple function, lets define our directory

$video_loc = "media"; //this is the location of the uploaded video
//put them in ul
echo "<ul>";
//lets use the simple function we have created above
$array = dirVideo($video_loc);
if($array !=null){
    foreach ($array as $key => $video) 
// we need the filename without the extension for our link.
$link_name = substr($video, 0 , -4);
<a href="#" onclick="jwplayer().load('<?=$key?>')"><?=$link_name?></a>

	echo "Video directory! is empty";


Warning! the above script will not read file with this type of file name mysummer.vacation.video.flv . The reason is that the script will pick up the first dot, making the file extension as .vacation.

That's should work for you. Just style the <ul> to arranged the $link_name.

Edited by veedeoo: $video_loc has to be corrected..


i just want to add, if for some reason you need to know the count of media with specific extensions, then following codes can be use.

$flvcount = count(glob("".$video_loc. "*.flv"));
$mp4count = count(glob("".$video_loc. "*.mp4"));
echo $flvcount; 
echo $mp4count;

Just echo $flvcount to display how many flv inside the directory media.

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Very well written respnses and they work very well

This works very well. I had to change a few lines just to match folders for my server but it works like I wanted it to. Now I just need to make it look better. Maybe use a table instead of a list. Thank you so much this is great.

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