I have created a master page in asp.net. I have three pages default.aspx,default2.aspx,default3.aspx which follow the master page. I have a content holder in the master page which holds a bulleted list with display mode as link button showing image on particular bullet click. But the image is shown only in the default.aspx page . With the other two pages it shows me a run time error "object reference not set to an instance of an object" at the image1 control(an image control).

Any help is appreciated.Also with cross page post back master pages are a big problem.May be i need another thread for this.

Thank y0u

sorry found the solution...it did not have the image control in the contentholder

about the master page you have to add new form using master page and after that set the master page which you need to add it for the project .

thank you

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