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I am using following code to show php page in popup window

<form name="myform" method="post" action="payhistory.php">

<input name="pay_his" type="submit" class="memberhistory" value="Payment history" onclick="'POPUPW'; POPUPW ='about:blank','POPUPW','width=550,heig ht=400','scrollbars = yes','title= ' );" />
</form> // working good

Now I want to use Php header location function instead of using form, how i can open my payhistory.php as pop up window through php header function.

any pls help me. advance thanks lot.

A header() redirects to a different PHP file. It is not meant to open a (Javascript) popup window. You can redirect to a different PHP file, that automatically opens the popup when the page is loaded though.

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